The Royal Free Charity is supporting patients living with long-term conditions with extra services

A new space has been created in the Royal Free hospital to provide services including advice, support and practical activities to aid patients living with long-term conditions. This is the first of any to be rolled out in north London. The service is fully funded by the Royal Free Charity and aims to become a recognised brand name independently for people with long term needs.

Clear signage brands the room within the hospital. 

The Support Hub identity has been designed to be independent of the Royal Free Charity in order for it to achieve its long term goals as a service known within its own rights. To keep it part of the brand family it retains the same colour and font. The addition of the 'info' symbol aids a clear understanding of the core of the service – to provide information to patients in order to be able to help themselves, and acts as a shorthand symbol. 

Simple branding on the welcome desk reinforces the 'info' symbol as part of the logo. 

The back wall of the room is covered in a bright, positive, full height print creating distraction and a more relaxed mind space. The interior design is subtly brand aligned and comfortably designed. 

The services provided are listed in a simple and clear leaflet which also directs users to its location within the hospital.

Referral pads have been created for hospital staff to be able to refer a suitable patient to the extra services if they feel it is right. 

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