A small piece of card with a large personality

The business card is measured by the receiver but sometimes underinvested by the giver despite, in a digital world, often being the only leave behind. We believe in memorable communications and clear information, the challenge is to fit both of these in a very small space! Here's a few of our business card designs for a variety of clients across many sectors. 

Standout business support services

Working with South East Enterprise for many years meant we really understood the services they offer to other businesses and could help them communicate this concisely on the reverse of the cards.

Creating a strong health brand in the building sector

Strong images help explain the benefits of occupational health assessments and support in the construction industry

Challenging perceptions in the disabilities support services sector

Creating a bold and confident positioning statement for a business that wanted to challenge accepted norms about disabilities in the work and education sectors.

Fresh support services in the commercial property sector

This business card was a useful top tips reminder for agents and landlords which could be hooked on to the keys. 

Establishing heritage in the property sector

A confident statement on the reverse of a bright blue card established Hindwoods' credentials.

Vibrant in the heritage sector

Having created the identity for the recently established Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust we were keen to continue the bold attitude led by the CEO through punchy colours.

Presenting a top London historic attraction

A long standing client, the Old Royal Naval College is a in the top 20 London attractions. As such the business cards feature details from around the historic grounds and buildings. 

Directing people to a famous London market

Greenwich Market is one of London's favourite craft markets. Tucked away behind the central island of shops, the business card handed out by shops and stalls alike reminds people how to get into the market. We have been working with Greenwich Hospital, landlord and owner, for over 6 years now. 

Clever cafe comms

Engaging with customers is critical to a cafe to build brand loyalty. Hence the business card also encourages you to sign up to get the daily menu and hear about discounts and offers. 

Establishing lifestyle offer for a shutters and blind retailer

The business card for this home focused retailer needed to demonstrate the quality of the product and service and reinforce their aspirations for you.

Distinct retail brands

Beauty & the Bib is a unique designer maker of baby bibs and clothes. The brand focuses on their most famous product, the strawberry bib. Hence the card had to hero the 'strawberry bow', the brand icon!

Multi retail brands

Maia's Company is the holding company for Funky Giraffe and meloosh. Now that Maia's needed to start talking to other retailers it needed a brand of its own and to show the retail brands under its wing. The business card helps explain that relationship. 

Can we help you?

If you find our thinking or approach of interest to you, then please do get in touch, we love to hear from new people or even reacquaint ourselves with a previous customer! Contact Kara Penn on 020 8858 3062 or email

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