Promoting events, training and exhibitions

We create a variety of marketing needs to promote regular events listings, event marketing and invites, training at all levels and changing exhibitions. Our long term relationship with the client means we can help them grow and develop their brand ensuring it doesn't get tired or dated.

Event promotion

Regular quarterly leaflets are produced to promote the wide range of events, exhibitions and specialist training courses available at the Centre. We design and produced them in an on-going relationship. 

In addition we support individual events with graphics, invites, flyers and banners ensuring a distinct look to each event.

Exhibition private view invite

Exhibition flyer

Training leaflets

The Centre offers varying levels of professional training for courses aimed at 16-19 year olds to more advanced classes. A series of leaflets to promote professional training at the Centre was created to behave as a family of literature and be clearly identified. A label graphic has been created for use top right which support the brand and allows identification at a quick glance.

Generic promotions

Creating bold and simple materials to create brand standout including a generic folder, e-newsletter sign up card and corporate stationery. The simple items can often be the hardest to execute simply and beautifully. 

Christmas cards promoting a collection on show at the Centre.

E-newsletter sign up cards. 

Venue hire marketing

We have revamped the marketing materials for the Centre into an A5 pack with A5 inserts for each separate space within the building, colour coded in the recently developed secondary colour palette. The separate inserts allows bespoke packs to be sent out to enquirers. 

Also for this client


Goldsmiths’ Centre branding

Developing the Goldsmiths' Centre brand to allow it to be louder when speaking to new audiences and quieter when promoting to established audiences. We created a system for branding all communications platforms.


Goldsmiths’ Centre membership

We created a unique look for the new creative network at the Goldsmiths' Centre to visually demonstrate the link between creativity and craftsmanship which is core to the network. 

Out of the ordinary

Goldsmiths’ Centre signage

Branding the building clearly from the outside and creating clear directional infographics around the site.

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