Branding and directional signage in and around the building

The frontage of the Goldsmiths' Centre was a prime opportunity to further explain the role of the Centre and the opportunities it offered to both trade and public visitors. The new vinyls take advantage of the entrance area width to make a bold visual statement.

Internally the modern architectural style of the building required the signage to be bold and graphic, fitting in style but also clearly informative as most areas require a passkey so knowing where you need to go becomes essential. 

The modern signage system allow for easy maintenance of the building fabric and easy alteration of titles and directions as required. 

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Goldsmiths’ Centre branding

Developing the Goldsmiths' Centre brand to allow it to be louder when speaking to new audiences and quieter when promoting to established audiences. We created a system for branding all communications platforms.


Goldsmiths’ Centre membership

We created a unique look for the new creative network at the Goldsmiths' Centre to visually demonstrate the link between creativity and craftsmanship which is core to the network. 

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