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GSM London Undergraduate Prospectus 2019

Our latest prospectus for undergraduates, which we have been producing for GSM London since 2014 builds on the core offering and continues to adapt as the courses are evolved and the needs of students change. We work closely with the client to identify the key messages and content of the prospectus to make sure it is providing what students want to know quickly and simply, and showcasing the qualities of studying at GSM London. 

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Understanding our students

Key to the success of GSM is understanding their students and building their confidence to produce the best results. The teaching approach is highlighted here. 

Providing a unique education offer

The two-year degree is a unique offer which appeals to many students who are often mature or wanting to make up for lost time. 

Student testimonials

Hearing from genuine students is the strongest testimonial GSM can have for the quality and content of its courses. 

Getting to the nitty gritty

Each course page has a fast facts panel so students can quickly compare courses and see the benefits.  

Managing concerns

Handling the concerns many students have over the fees and debt management with a clear and direct spread on this topic.


Genuine images of students are used throughout to be as transparent and accurate as possible. Over many years of working on this prospectus we have directed many photoshoots and work to make the prospectus represent the college's diversity and talent. 

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GSM London marketing

Since 2013 we have worked with the marketing team at GSM London to produce various campaigns and marketing tools including prospectuses, door-drops, leaflets, ads and exhibition work. This work often fits together with digital tools such as e-books, pay-per-click landing pages and e-campaigns.


GSM London Recommend a Friend scheme

Creating a distinct look for the referral campaign Recommend a Friend and supporting it with literature and promotional material. 


GSM London Horizon Award

Working with GSM London we have established the sub-brand for the Horizon Award which is aimed at students to enhance their CV and bring an extra dimension to their degree. 


GSM London Formation Zone

We designed the marketing materials for this initiative started by Plymouth University and now offered at GSM London to its students to help them set up their business. 

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