Reporting on the finances, impact and strategy of the charity

We have designed and produced the annual report and impact statement for 2014-15 and the 5 years strategy report. Both of these important documents act to represent the charity and its purpose but also allow them to gain support by being transparent in their results. 

Strategy report

We designed the strategy report to clearly explain the focus of the charity and its ambitions for the next 5 years. The front cover folds out to be able to show the activities in a strong simple table. The report explains the four main areas of focus as a quick overview and then with detailed spreads. 

Annual report and impact statement

It has never been more important for charities to report on their perfomance over the preceding year and to track the impact of their activities. With that in mind we were commissioned to design the report for 2014-15.

The front and back cover feature genuine images of a fundraiser and a researcher which represents the two ends of the charity's activities. 

Key statistics demonstrating the impact of their services runs throughout the report.

Second year of impact report

Following from the 14-15 annual report and impact statement featuring people on the covers, we highlighted volunteers and patients on the front and back. 

We further developed the impact of the charity through hard statistics and detailed case studies as well as highlighting the future aspirations.

Also for this client


Royal Free Charity fundraising

Marketing materials are essential to help the charity raise funds. We have designed the fundraising packs, the legacy leaflet, friends leaflet and lottery leaflet which form a suite of literature and support materials. In addition we have created a few campaigns including two consecutive Christmas campaigns to support patients and staff over Christmas.


Royal Free Charity magazine redesign

We redesigned the flagging newsletter to be more magazine like in proportions and styling with striking front covers. Now having produced many issues it has evolved further with more pages and versions of the magazine for each hospital, Royal Free, Chase Farm Hospital and Barnet Hospital. The design has succeeded in raising more funds for various equipment and services the charity supplies to patients, families and staff.


Royal Free Charity website

The Royal Free was founded in 1828 and relied on charitable donations for day to day running as well as the pioneering research it is known for today. The Royal Free Charity needed to reach a digital audience through a solid and responsive website to continue its fundraising work. We designed, planned and built the website for them to be able to take donations, explain their purpose, promote their activities and grow their network. 

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