Celebrating the World War I centenary with an exhibition

WWI Centenary was celebrated with a special exhibition commemorating the House's time as a war hospital and celebrating the Stephens' family history during the war efforts. The exhibition was hosted within the dining room and featured an original wartime bed and many other items. The exhibition will show and be developed every year for the 4 years of the centenary, with variations to show different elements of the House.


A flyer was created to promote the exhibition which featured an original image of the House at VE Day with hundreds of people celebrating in the gardens.

Merchandise to support the exhibition

A small range of WWI memorabilia was created including postcard prints of paintings commemorating the Great War and small notepads featuring cigarette cards which showed you how to create impromptu bandaging in the field.

Also for this client


Stephens House & Gardens promotions

Creating the marketing and merchandise materials with a distinct 'Inky' language.

Out of the ordinary

Stephens House & Gardens fundraising

Simple railing signage which calls to attention the need to support the gardens financially. 


Stephens House & Gardens website

Following a rename and rebrand of the House we created an online home of 'Inky' Stephens to reach a wider audience with a fully responsive website.

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