Promoting a unique centre for craftsmanship in the centre of London

Helping a stunning space and creative offer to shine out to all audiences; new and old, with their brand, marketing and signage. The Goldsmiths' Centre is a relatively new centre for training and workshops in jewellery and silversmithing which also hosts events and exhibitions. It aims to create a new heartland for the allied trades and retain the industry in the UK. 

We have been working with the Goldsmiths' Centre since 2015 and have designed for most areas of their communication. We pride ourselves on developing strong relationships and understanding of our clients needs and issues which means we can provide solutions which are efficient and work.

Having worked with Fit Creative previously, it was an obvious choice to ask them to support us in developing the Goldsmiths’ Centre brand. Following a creative pitch, they have brought both clarity and creativity to our brand allowing us to achieve standout and brand stretch in a clever system. They have proved their namesake yet again with a solution fit for purpose. 

Karine Lepeuple
Deputy Director
The Goldsmiths’ Centre


We have worked to develop the Goldsmiths' Centre brand to more effectively stand out in communications to different audiences. The new brand logo family provides flex to allow the brand to be louder or quieter. The expanded toolkit allows the brand to look fresh across different exhibitions whilst still retaining a recognisable brand. 

Events and training marketing

We have designed the quarterly events leaflet and roll it out every 3 months. We have also created the suite of leaflets promoting the different training levels available. 


A new initiative to create a membership network required a bold look. We designed a look which merged designed pieces with their inspiration to create striking images. A theme of creative connections runs through the membership reason d'être and its execution. 


Helping to both identify the building and create a strong visual message, new entrance vinyls were designed and implemented. Further internal signage was designed to be in keeping with the architectural essence and be informative.

Venue hire promotions

We have been working with the client to develop a suite of literature to promote the distinct spaces for hire leading with the award winning architecture and appealing to creative senses with the crafts trade being trained on site. This work is on-going.

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