Behind the scenes Branding a charity shop

Designing a kit of tools to brand the Royal Free Charity shops

When the Royal Free Charity decided to venture into charity shops they approached us to help develop a consistent look and feel for the shops. Understanding that each new shop the charity opened would have different space and layout meant we needed to create a flexible toolkit which could easily be applied by the shop fitout team and keep costs reasonable. 

External signage

We created an external fascia design which could be rolled out across multiple shops and adapted to suit different sizes. During our development work we identified how to create a striking frontage and explain the role of the charity. 

Internal messaging

Shelf and racking space is very valuable for charity shops so we placed messages further explaining what the charity does high up on the walls. 

Interior branding

A simple bold use of colour across the internal layout of the shop meant we could create zones and this could be rolled out across different shop layouts and spaces. 

A consistent styling for the till area in brand purple means that even in a busy shop customers will recognise where to go.

Internal posters

Continuing the clear messages for customers and supporters alike with posters completed for the rollout. 

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