Behind the scenes The secrets to creating the brand for Page & Bloom

Creating a high-class, low-cost brand solution for Page & Bloom

Page & Bloom is a new start-up charity that is helping abused women to rebuild their lives by creating a work opportunity – making paper bouquets. Approaching such an unusual charity and retail company meant we needed to think differently and think smart. Part of this was to ensure that we kept costs down and created materials which were sustainable and looked as appealing as the product. We thoroughly enjoyed the creative challenge and the team thrived on stretching themselves.

Business cards that pop

The business cards have been created with a relatively simple origami flower glued to a standard folding card, which could be easily replicated by the client's team. A template guide means each card looks stunning and functions.

Brochure that celebrates variety

Again the costs for manufacture of the brochure are kept low by printing the outer only and all internal pages are cut and fitted together by the client's team. Cutter guides were provided to enable consistency of pages across each one made up. And then each brochure is unique – just like the products! 

Creating styles

The photoshoots were created in-house and all the props and styling were provided by the team or sought out in charity shops. The team worked with the flower makers to create unusual flowers matching distinct styles that we had established. We wanted to appeal to a range of potential clients and show them the variety which could be achieved with paper flowers. 

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