Behind the scenes Revamping a hospital space

Helping the client create the Support Hub at the Royal Free

The Support Hub is an exciting new service from the Royal Free Charity. The first location for this service was inside the Royal Free, revamping a library space to be the centre's space. We supported the client to brand the Centre, to decorate the inside and signpost it externally. 

Original site

The external and internal decoration of the original library was tired and the space was tricky to perceive because it was full to the brim with shelving and books.

Naming and branding

As part of our service for the project, we held a number of naming workshops in order to identify the best name solution for the new service and space. These name options were run past a steering committee made up of hospital staff and service users. Name options were visualised on signage in order to apply context to the decision making process.

Creating a peaceful atmosphere

In order to help create the right atmosphere in the new space we suggested a calming image to be produced across a complete wall of the space, both warming it up and providing a view within a windowless room. We also guided on colour schemes and materials. 

Visual for the desk branding inside the Centre

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