Latest £25M spent on pumpkins

Halloween is an opportunity for fundraising yet to be explored

In 2017, Brits spent a colossal £25.13 million on pumpkins with 25% of the population taking part in pumpkin carving. And that was just part of a total of £320 million spent on all Halloween paraphernalia; candies, costumes, decorations, cosmetics and events, in the same year.

In 2001 the nation spent a mere £12 million but it has had a steady and ongoing growth with the increase in uptake surging from 2015 onwards. Millennials are the biggest spenders with 60% of this age group spending on the event, around £25 each with one in six spending over £50. In the US Halloween is now the second largest commercial celebration after Christmas and Britain appears to be joining the craze.  

So as the popularity of Halloween rises, are you missing out on a potential opportunity to combine the event with a fundraising campaign or drive? Call us and talk about how we can help you plan for this year and throughout the coming year.  

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