Latest EB2 Programme

Branding the E-Business programme for a second period

Following the success of the first three years' of the E-Business Programme in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, South East Enterprise were commissioned to rollout the programme for another three years. Working closely with the client, we branded the new programme EB2 - Even Better, and produced the new marketing materials. 

Marketing materials

Leaflets and flyers promote the new programme initiatives inclusing cyber security to engage with local businesses to take advantage of the programme. 

Digital animations

Ad promotions created for use in social media. A number of variations were created to highlight different elements of the programme which may appeal to a business. 

Pocket booklets

Handy pocket booklets act as follow on tools from workshop attendance to remind you of the practices explained and taught. 

Rollup banners

Raising profile at business events to ensure to engage with as many local businesses as possible. 

New services online

We developed the website to encompass the new programme and new workshops within it. 

EB2 Programme

Cyber security forms an important element of the new programme.

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