Latest Getting Started: Stars in the Making exhibition

A showcase exhibition of up and coming talent in jewellery and silversmithing

After a long period of no exhibitions at the Centre due to restrictions applied during the Covid-19 pandemic, we were pleased to be commissioned to design the Stars in the Making exhibition as the opener for 2022. The design execution expands the spotlight concept we created for the Getting Started brand to be the distinctive graphic device throughout the interpretation and marketing, highlighting the makers and their pieces. 

External banner

The lead graphic features a spotlight on a striking piece of silversmithing.


We designed the glass panel vinyls to be read as a continuous graphic with the spotlight graphic as key tool.

Digital marketing

A social media animation created to feature the spotlight graphic moving and highlighting as we reveal the makers in the exhibition. Seen here is the first 15 seconds, the full animation runs to 60 seconds which can then be easily use on Instagram and Twitter. Story versions were created. In addition we created opening and closing film sequences for individual makers films. 

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