Latest UCLH Charity annual report 2021-22

Our fifth annual report for UCLH Charity is noted for the development of the brand look and feel with infographics and a more editorial style.

The fifth produced and printed annual report and impact statement from UCLH Charity. This year marked a change from the previous designs through the use of infographics and a more editorial style in order to tie together the multiple and varied strands of support and grants given. Every year we work with the client to agree the messaging and the structure of the report, and this year also included a wish to develop the brand look and feel. As with every year, digital graphics and files are provided in order to support the printed document online. 

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Informative cover

The cover demonstrates the breadth of support grants from the charity to UCL Hospitals through the use of infographics. A widened colour palette and new style graphics has been developed for this year. 

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