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Evolving a brand to be a leader for change in the deaf and disabled community

Originally called TRI UK, this business service sectored in the deaf and disabled community had far reaching ambitions but their brand name and identity undermined the quality of staff and service. We worked with the client to rename and rebrand the business to allow it to announce a rise in focus and set a standard for measurement. 

“We chose to work with Fit Creative not only because we felt that their portfolio and presentation showed their ability to produce unique and well crafted work but the human factor of them being able integrate and get on with our close knit team.

Working with them was great as they really understood the current position of our company and our aim to be a leading voice within our industry. They managed the important balance between showing our knowledge and experience in the industry and the 'fun' and 'human' element of our work. 

We are truly happy with our new brand and feedback from our client base has been nothing but positive.”
Imran Umar

Working closely with the client to create the new name, the challenge was to create a new word which had no implied meaning and was easy to pronounce as well as to sign. The palindromic shape of the name represents the symbiotic nature of their client relationships. As the brand grows, the name aspires to represent the meaning of change.

Through a series of workshops and interviews, a clear understanding of the client and their audience led to a bold brand language and strong copywriting style.

Whilst the logo and colour palette is set for appa, the essential intangible element is to always to approach any communication needs from a different perspective. A key element of appa’s new brand is ensuring that it consistently lives up to the company values and delivers on its promise to its clients – to shift perspectives. 

Explaining the company philosophy in a leaflet meant ensuring that even this small piece of communication is a challenge to the normal expectations. The company strapline ‘shift perspective’ is actively demonstrated when unfolding and reading the leaflet, turning it to match the orientation.

Through a truly collaborative process we have achieved a brand which really stands out in this sector and will help the company reach their goals of making a difference to individuals and to all deaf and disabled people. The company now has a brand identity which matches their offer. 

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