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Crafting careers for the last 10 years and on into the future

As the Goldsmiths' Centre approached its 10 year anniversary it was keen to hear from its various stakeholders as to the impact it has had and their future wishes for it. Via an approach of interviewing 10 stakeholders we created 10 individual testimonial films and a combination single celebratory film. We also created the branding and impact report and exhibition to support the anniversary. 

10 years of Crafting Careers

A single film was edited together capturing the 10 stakeholder voices thoughts and opinions, with key animated statistics on impact and future ambitions. 

Creating a 10 year logo lockup

We created a bespoke 10 year logo lockup graphic to be used in all communications for the year and coined the line 'Crafting Careers'. 

A visit from HRH King Charles III culminates the 10 year anniversary at the Centre. 

(c) Photographer Julia Skupny, 2022

Celebrating all year around

A permanent set of exhibition panels celebrate the impact of the centre with key statistics and the 10 voices of the community. 

10 voices

10 invidividual stakeholders were interviewed as to their thoughts on the impact the Centre has achieved and their wishes for the future of the Centre and the industry. 

10 Voices - Ella Fearon Low

10 Voices - Gary Wroe

10 Voices - Gaynor Andrews

10 Voices - Hugo Johnson

10 Voices - Jessica Jue

10 Voices - Rajesh Gogna

10 Voices - Ray Walton

10 Voices - Reg Elliot

10 Voices - Richard Fox

10 Voices - Sophie Chapman

Establishing the impact of the charity

A digital report summarises the impact of the Centre on the industry and highlights its future ambitions. The report also features the 10 voices who were interviewed for their thoughts and participitated in the combination film. 

See the full impact report

Also for this client

Branding, Marketing

Goldsmiths’ Centre 5th anniversary

The Goldsmiths' Centre wanted to celebrate 5 years since it opening and came to us to help them do that. A film, a report, an exhibition and an evening were all created to support their achievements and impact on the jewellery industry. We also create a bespoke logo lockup which was applied to all the events and promotions throughout the year.


Goldsmiths’ Centre branding

Developing the Goldsmiths' Centre brand to allow it to be louder when speaking to new audiences and quieter when promoting to established audiences. We created a system for branding all communications platforms.

Out of the ordinary

Goldsmiths’ Centre exhibitions

Over many years we have designed numerous exhibitions shown within the Goldsmiths' Centre. Our designs have included creating a promotional image for the exhibition to be shown on an external banner, in advertising and social media, and the interpretation design inside the exhibition to support the exhibits. The designs fit within the family of the Centre whilst having their own individual voice. 

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