Work Maritime Greenwich WHS website

Celebrating its historical importance on the digital platform

We created a fully responsive website to interpret the Maritime Greenwich World Heritage Site to a global community and to allow a better dissemination of the history and importance of the area to the world.

Refining the identity

We developed the logo so that the typography represents a more modern age and works better digitally. This was an important element in developing a new website for the world heritage site.


The homepage design leads with a map delineating the area encompassed as the world heritage site and highlights features within it. It also explains the key features which make the place of outstanding universal value and features quotes throughout history celebrating Greenwich. 

Key landing pages

Large images and a simple clean navigation makes for an enjoyable and informative website.

Structure and content

The website has been designed and built with a CMS to allow it to grow its content, this includes learning sections on areas of interest, news and activities and a timeline so that it becomes both an active and legacy website. 

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