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Creating a suite of ORNC literature, ad campaigns and engagement materials

Over 5 years we have created a variety of marketing materials including events leaflets, advertising, exhibition materials, interpretation leaflets and much more. We have worked closely with the client to create a strong brand look and feel across all their needs.

Visitor leaflet

The visitor leaflet was completely overhauled to engage with the visitor more clearly; highlighting the major attractions whilst helping outline the full site and other points of interest in a fold out map.

The leaflet has been refreshed twice since our first redesign with different covers and developments on the map and foreign languages. 

Destination leaflet

This leaflet was created to promote a visit to the ORNC to visitors who may not have been before, with the leaflets distributed at various train stations and hotel display cases around London. The design borrowed from the visitor leaflet but by featuring the Painted Hall as the full bleed image across the gatefold it brings the impressive scale of the hall to life. 


Large formats ads have been created over a number of years both to promote a visit to the site and to showcase the retail offer at the gift shop. 

Events marketing

Whilst event marketing had been produced previously it wasn't focused on the site and didn't entice visitors with an array of events.

We designed the quarterly events leaflet with a front cover image which made a hero of the site and celebrated the season on site. This cleverly avoided having to feature an event not yet performed or focusing on just one event but instead engaged with wit and surprise. We have been producing these leaflets since 2011 and love creating unexpected visuals of the site. 

By redesigning the marketing to be a fold out leaflet it meant we could feature the full listings in a calendar format and by creating interest categories readers would be able to identify with what they were looking for. The redesign cut original print costs by 1/3. 

In addition to the regular quarterly leaflets and posters we have also designed a number of programmes specific to the Painted Hall and Chapel within the ORNC site to support individual events.

Tour promotions

Promotions for different tours around the site from navy to royal, and specifically for movie buffs.

Venue hire materials

Working closely with the catering company to produce materials they could use to attract corporate and wedding clients. 

Retail campaigns

Over four years we produced a Christmas campaign to feature the collection of Christmas designer gifts available from the shop including a late-night shopping evening. The campaigns supported the ORNC brand whilst being fresh year on year.

Interpretation materials

Supporting visitors from all over the world to experience the attractions on site with multiple language leaflets that interpret the Painted Hall and the Chapel. As leaflets for sale they also contribute to the income of the trust and available for free as downloads from the website they also enable access to all.

Schools leaflets

A set of leaflets to promote primary and secondary school learning opportunities at the ORNC. We have produced these over a number of years, each time photographing a genuine school group for the front covers. 

Also for this client


Old Royal Naval College branding

Creating a distinct brand identity for the Old Royal Naval College to overcome confusion about the site and what it is.  

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