Work ooomail – a new direct mail service brand

Putting some ooo into a business communications service

ooomail is a new kind of mailing service which puts the client in control of office mailing through an online account and tool. ooomail is a new product from Romax, an established direct mail company. We created the positioning and brand for ooomail. 

The ooomail brand is led by the brand character ooomie who helps explain and demonstrate the service. The positioning of the service is to empower the client to be able to send mail when they need it, how they want it, at best value cost, with the high quality standards brought by the parent company, Romax.

ooomie brings a lighter side to what is an essential but time consuming task, making it faster, simpler and cheaper, whilst ensuring high quality standards.

A range of animated logos and brand character ooomie has been created and build to bring the brand to life. 

The LinkedIn profile establishes the positioning of the new brand. 

The website design promotes the simplicity of the system and its customer benefits. 

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Romax website film

A complete website review led to creating a film to represent the Romax offer which features on the homepage of the newly designed website. New positioning conveys the service offer ‘Delivering smarter customer communications’.

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