Work Royal Free Charity reporting over Covid-19

Reporting over the challenging pandemic year

We have been producing the annual report and accounts brochure for the Royal Free Charity for the last 5 years but in the unprecendented period which include the Covid-19 pandemic it was clear that the report needed to clearly demonstrate the direct impact the charity made to make things better for patients and staff. 

A series of impressive statistics were threaded throughout the annual report including the amazing £2.11M raised in the Covid-19 campaign. 

Strong photography of charity activities further endorsed the statistics.

Also for this client


Royal Free Charity strapline

We worked with the Charity to help develop a clear positioning strapline which would rally the staff, volunteers and fundraisers behind a single remit which could apply to all equally. The line is 'Making today feel better'.


Royal Free Charity magazine redesign

We redesigned the flagging newsletter to be more magazine like in proportions and styling with striking front covers. Now having produced many issues it has evolved further with more pages and versions of the magazine for each hospital, Royal Free, Chase Farm Hospital and Barnet Hospital. The design has succeeded in raising more funds for various equipment and services the charity supplies to patients, families and staff.


Royal Free Charity Volunteering

In order to unify all volunteer activities for the Royal Free Charity across three sites we created a visual graphic which could identify all materials. The new Volunteering graphic works hand in hand with a strong new photographic style being applied for all Royal Free Charity activities. This bold new look allows the volunteers to feel proud of the work they do at the Charity.

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