Work Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust branding

Creating a direct and bold brand for a new heritage trust

Having met with the Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust (RGHT) in 2014 we were pleased to be commissioned in 2015 to help them roll-out a branding programme across website, signage, promotional leaflets, internal comms, merchandise and branded goods. 

Simple piece of typography

A simple tab logo applied as a labelling tool across website and print materials allowed the family of assets to be linked and stand for themselves as independent heritage attractions.

Family of monograms

With a very long brand name it was recognised that a monogram would be needed for use in small reproductions. Also within social media platforms which often required a small square icon to represent the brand there was a need for separate monograms for each Charlton House and the Greenwich Heritage Centre as they had their own following and could then cross promote.

A whole lotta history

The complete works created a strong heritage brand with a young attitude and a 'why not' approach to how the Borough’s cultural past is presented. Led by Chief Executive Tracy Stringfellow, the team were a pleasure to work with as they embraced the opportunity to represent all the Trust stands for in fresh and innovative way. 

Anarchic tone of voice

Strong copywriting across simple materials made them stand out.

Bold colour palette

Bold colours and large graphics were applied across print, signage and the website.

Mapping the assets

A graphic map has been created which illustrates the heritage sites and memorials that the Trusts takes care of and provides a visual summary of its assets.

Also for this client


Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust literature

Creating a suite of literature to promote events across the Trust's site and act as a visitor guides for the two main attractions – Charlton House and Greenwich Heritage Centre.


RGHT Friends membership

Further development of the Friends scheme for the Trust engaged with already established local groups to create one strong membership group all focused on heritage in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The new offer was promoted via a flyer at local events leading with rebellious copy, and a leaflet to be picked up at Charlton House and the Greenwich Heritage Centre. 

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