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Creating a suite of literature to promote events and attractions

Whilst it is important that the Trust establishes itself as the caretaker of a number of heritage sites and memorials across the Royal Borough of Greenwich, it is also important that the literature promotes individual sites or the events happening on these sites. A suite of leaflets for Charlton House, the Greenwich Heritage Centre and the changeable What's On line-up of events. All the leaflets are branded with the Trust logo and boldly titled with their focus. The back covers feature the newly designed Trust map of all its sites so you can easily access other heritage across the Royal Borough of Greenwich.  

Additional event specific promotions are created as needed. Horn Fair is an annual event which has been running since the 18th century. The Trust introduced a more heritage focus for the fair in 2015 and we created a cultural graphic to represent it.  

Charlton House leaflet

We structured the leaflet to read through an overview of the house, grounds and gardens before opening out to reveal a map of the house and the estate to use as a guide. This makes it both a great promotional tool but also aids making the house more accessible to visitors, meeting one of the pillars of the Trust. The front cover showcases the grand entrance of the house. The leaflet also promotes events and joining the Friends of Charlton House. 

Greenwich Heritage Centre leaflet

As with the Charlton House leaflet, the leaflet for the Heritage Centre acts as a map to guide you around the Museum but also highlights the archive, collections and search facilities on site. The leaflet also promotes joining the Friends of the Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust. 

What's on leaflets

Creating an annual What's On leaflet to showcase all the events across all the sites managed by the Trust. In it's second year, front covers feature a surprising combination of two pictures from the collections or sites in order to show visitors new and old, something they didn't expect about heritage in the borough of Greenwich. 

Horn Fair

Celebrating this annual event, the Trust chose this year to shape the Horn Fair to showcase craftsmanship and skills at Charlton House with workshops from master stonemasons and talks from experts in various fields. The promotion reflects this shift in emphasis with a historic horn in a modern graphic.

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Royal Greenwich Heritage Trust branding

Supporting a newly established trust by making a bold mark and setting out it's positioning.


RGHT Friends membership

Further development of the Friends scheme for the Trust engaged with already established local groups to create one strong membership group all focused on heritage in the Royal Borough of Greenwich. The new offer was promoted via a flyer at local events leading with rebellious copy, and a leaflet to be picked up at Charlton House and the Greenwich Heritage Centre. 

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