Work St Peter’s signage and interpretation

Sharing the history and architecture of the Church

Completing our work with the Church by designing the external signage and printed handouts which go towards explaining the history and architectural importance of the building.  


The external railing sign was critical to making the Church more accessible. 

A new times sign was also designed and fabricated to create consistency across the building. 

As part of the brand process we could signpost the functioning building Pugin Place. Future plans are in place to make Brookhill Building a functioning space. 


Inside the Church further interpretation signs explain key highlights of the architecture and design. 

Handout sheet

A simple, single colour sheet handout was designed to help visitors to the Church better understand the site and its history whilst walking around. With a tear off panel to sign up to the newsletter, and box to hold those forms, it means the Trust can start to engage with visitors.


A 6-page, fold out, DL leaflet was designed and printed in order to highlight the importance of the Church as the first Pugin church in London and reach a wider audience. 

Also for this client

Out of the ordinary

St Peter’s Church interpretation

We designed and built a set of exhibition panels, a model case and a railing poster case to engage with visitors and passers by and help explain the story of St Peter's through time and set within Woolwich. 

Charity, Cultural

St Peter’s Church

St Peter's Church were successful in their HLF bid for funding to help them do essential maintenance work on the Church building and to then expand their engagement within Woolwich and the wider Royal Borough of Greenwich. We supported the Church with a new brand identity to locate them in their Pugin church, a new website to explain their role and background and work on all devices, and new signage and interpretation to better explain their story.  


St Peter’s Church website

Within a body of work to aid the Church to reach a wider audience and be more inclusive, we designed and built a new website applying the new branding we had created.

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