Latest Hidden Treasures 2018 exhibition

Celebrating the crafts skills of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths Fellows

An exhibition designed to highlight the hidden skills of master craftspeople in the jewellery and goldsmiths sector that come together to complete a piece. Each of these masters have been working in their fields for many years and are known within their circles as the go-to person for particular skills. The exhibition design brings together reportage photographs of these masters along with explaining the skill and featuring their work space. The exhibition is showing at the Goldsmiths' Centre, for whom we have designed a number of exhibitions. 

An exciting development of this exhibition was the use of large portrait images hung over the interpretation panels – this takes advantage of the height of the atrium. 

The use of a bold cerise material to display the objects highlighted the pink stone in the bangle featured in the lead image and was reflected in the design of introduction panel. 

The typography across the interpretation reflects the lead title continuing the theme of revealing trade secrets.

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