Work Funky Giraffe clothes designs

Multiple seasons of baby bibs and body suits

We designed and supported manufacture of many seasons of baby bibs and body suits. In addition we have designed country specific sets for Australia, Spain, Italy, France and the UK. Over 200 designs have been produced so far. 

Halloween set

An enjoyable set of Halloween designs including a 5 bib set and a set of bib, body, hat, mittens and burping cloth.

Leaping Lamb set

A tribute to 'counting sheep' this playful design features a lamb leaping over a fence.

Little Bird set

One of the most popular little creatures we have designed.

Little Robin set

Starting the festive season.

Christmas bib set

A set of Christmas bibs featuring cute characters.

Performing Seal set

Celebrating circus acts.

North Pole bib set

For the Winter season.

Pair of Doves set

A lovey-dovey design.

Forest Animals bib set

All creatures small and woodlandy.

Nature bib set

For those wanting a more earthy vibe.

Beachtime bib set

Enjoy the holidays.

Planes & Trains & More bib set

For boys and girls!

Flocks, Shoals & Herds bib set

Featuring gatherings of fur, feather and more.

Ski bib set

For those with a more active hobby preference. 

Personalised alphabet

A personalised bib design service included a uniquely designed alphabet featuring George. 

Also for this client

Out of the ordinary

Funky Giraffe at Bubble 2015

We have created a complete range of bodies and bibs for Autumn Winter season and supported the launch with exhibition design and packaging design. 


Funky Giraffe branding

Creating a distinct brand for a baby bib and clothes company with a strong reputation but in need of a stronger brand. We helped our client represent themselves in a brand which matched their product and allowed them to protect their USP more clearly. 

Out of the ordinary

Funky Giraffe packaging

We have developed a number of packaging and display solutions from a single bib hanger, to a full set of clothes hanger and a box packaging for sets of 5 bibs. Each features the distinct Funky Giraffe brand language and bold graphics as well as clever folding and connecting solutions which eliminated the needs for glueing and thereby kept the prodution costs lower. 

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