Work Greenwich Hospital crest

Redrawing the original crest suitable for 21st century reproduction

The brief

The original Greenwich Hospital crest has been in place for many years but the painted rendering of the mythical creatures and crown meant the crest could not be scaled for different sized reproductions and only reproduced well on a white background. There was a need to modernise the crest and make it appropriate for modern reproduction. 

A complete redrawing of the crest was made to simplify and streamline the lines in order for it render well as a single colour design. Care was taken to render the details of the dagon and merlion and the motto Otia Tuta replaced the official name on the redrawn ribbon. 

The original crest was rendered in full colur as a painting.

New crest in single colour for better reproduction and application, vector for scaling, and stylised to retain the elements whilst modernising it.

In negative

By producing a bespoke negative version of the crest meant we could overcome the issue of the faces in the crest looking like ghosts. 

New logo lockups

Having finalised the rendering of the crest, a new logo lockup artwork was created for both positive and negative reproduction. A simple guideline was produced to direct usage and reproduction of the logo across all platforms; online, on-screen and in print. 

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