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Refreshing the business of property management

When Carole Weal decided to create a new website for her inventory services business CWIS, Fit Creative quickly identified that she needed a stronger brand and a name change. Working with Carole throughout the process of rebranding and relaunching, we were able to achieve a brand with standout and longevity.

“The moment I met Fit I knew they were they were the right people for the rebranding of my company, due to their honest and open manner, and keenness to get to know my business. Throughout the process, they exceeded my expectations and offered an efficient, professional and excellent value for money service. I know that the new brand will represent me as I want to be seen and help my business grow. I look forward to continuing to work with Fit as my brand consultants.”

Carole Weal
Mint Inventories

Rebranding and naming

By clearly establishing what the company stood for – essential service with a smile, it was a natural move to change the company name to something more value based. We followed a naming process to create Mint Inventories, and thorough online checking meant that we could be sure that the domain name was available, a key factor in any new name.

Relaunch of the brand

The launch was promoted with invites attached to helium filled balloons, each hand delivered to guests. The event was dressed and celebrated with goody bags holding packets of mints amongst other items.

Marketing materials

Along with the new name, we created a supporting strapline ‘Refreshing the business of property’, which links both the nature of the service and the experience, suitably to both agents and independent landlords. The sophisticated colour palette is very much a part of the brand and applied across all communications. Clear and direct copywriting keeps the service transparent and competitive. Useful property information is provided both on the website and on the reverse of the business card. 

Website design

A complete redesign and rebuild of the website to include a robust CMS system meant that Mint Inventories could offer an online records system for all clients. A unique selling point which is both very of the moment, with a wish for paperless offices by both agents and independent landlords, but also improves the company’s green credentials. With secure password system, privacy is guaranteed and access improved.

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