Latest Made for The Table exhibition

A multi-event, multi-experienced exhibition at the Goldsmiths' Centre

The Made for The Table exhibition is a multi-platform experience from the guided tours to interpreting the exhibition, to tasting a unique afternoon tea inspired by the exhibition. We provided the design support and materials for the various activities around it.

The travelling exhibition Made for The Table has been created by the team at the Goldsmiths' Company. In support of the exhibition when it appeared at the Goldsmiths' Centre was an extension featuring a set of commissioned beakers and tableware which could be bought or commissioned by visitors. Our role was to provide further interpretation design and design materials for the events and activities around it. 

A number of items were designed by us, to support the various activities around the show:

  • What's On leaflet features the show on the front cover
  • Venue hire promotions were created to promote the unique dining experience
  • Postcard featuring the limited edition beakers promotes commissioning a maker
  • Menu promoting the afternoon tea offer 
  • External banner
  • Interpretation for the Selling Showcase extension to the main show
  • Press advertising

Gold detailing is a consistent element of the exhibition materials across the interpretation, business cards, leaflets and more. 

Business cards for each of the makers unifies the show with a consistent style and engages viewers to commission a piece for themselves. 

The opportunity to dine within the exhibition is a new direction for the Centre so that visitors can really immerse themselves in the craftsmanship.

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