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Talking to the invaluable BBC employees

Recognising that the BBC needed to refresh its employment offer, following a pitch process, Fit Creative was commissioned to help create a distinctive communications look. The foundations of the toolkit represent the three employee principles which highlight the unique offer that is the BBC while fitting within the overall BBC brand identity. These are:

  • kudos
  • opportunities
  • make a difference

The representation of the employee principles was put into a triple grid graphic derived straight from the BBC logo. The graphic can be manipulated in a number of ways and is incorporated into layouts and imagery. 

A large photo library was created by going to various offices across England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, and photographing staff at work, from accountants to producers, from radio presenters to gardeners. All the photography incorporated the three colours aligned to the three principles. Over 20,000 images were created!  

PowerPoint is an essential tool for internal communications. A set of templates was created which can be refreshed with alternative photos from the library. 

Powerful ad templates with a tight copy style which keeps information to the essentials. A strong grid system brings the layout to life. 

Future potential interpretation of the three principles shows how it can come alive in a 3D format, in large or small scale. 

Working with the BBC

Over a number of years, the founders of Fit have worked with the BBC helping establish some key entertainment brands aimed at a wide variety of audience age groups and cultures. This experience means that we have a great insight into the BBC brand and how to uphold it even when creating an irreverent channel such as BBC Three when originally launched.

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