Work Channel Dash Trust brand

Creating a commemorative brand

The Channel Dash Trust was created to commemorate Operation Fuller and bring together the remaining survivors and their families. The Trust needed a bold identity in order to be able to raise profile and funds towards a new memorial and to continue to educate the public. 

Brand process

Working closely with the client we developed three options for the identity, each with slightly differing focus on the subject matter – the conflict in the Straights. 

The direction chosen was the most suggestive of the action and conflict without particularly leaning on air or sea elements. 

We developed the chosen direction to be able to create a family of logos. 

The brand identity was provided as a set of artworks suitable for print, screen and Word applications and a simple guideline outlining which file is which. 

In order to support this small charity with limited budget we also created Word letterhead templates and email footer graphics. 

New Trust identity

The new identity expresses the dynamic action of the event. 

The new logo is very 2012 and depicts the channel dash perfectly'. Patron Lord Boyce

The design was very appropriate.' Admiral Sir Ian Garnett, Chairman of the Trustees of the Historic Dockyard Chatham

70th Anniversary logo

A derivative logo was created for the 70th anniversary of Operation Fuller. 

‘The whole weekend was a great success. The logo to celebrate the 70 anniversary is very much in keeping.’  A widow of one of the heroes.

Memorial logo

A derivative logo was created for the memorial to be installed at Dover. 

Donation card

A simple card design was created to be able to garner donations.

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