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Developing the ORNC visitor attraction brand since 2011

“Fit Creative have worked closely with the Old Royal Naval College since rebranding it in 2010. Over the years our communications and marketing needs have spanned digital, print, 3D, advertising and more – for all of these Fit have been able to find an effective solution and put together the best team to deliver high quality results. They have always brought fresh thinking and enthusiasm to every project, achieving great results to help us raise our profile and encourage donations.”

Brendan McCarthy
Chief Executive
Old Royal Naval College

Creating the Old Royal Naval College brand in 2011 and having had the pleasure of working with the marketing team since then to help establish this as a leading London visitor attraction (1.6 million annually), our work has covered all areas of on site installation, print marketing, advertising and interpretation. 


Creation of a fully responsive website with clear navigation, the ability to promote and book events, an interactive site map, and much more interpretive information 


Large format adverts promoting a visit to the site. This was one of many campaigns run.

Event marketing

On-going quarterly events leaflets and individual event programmes, adverts and marketing.

Interpretation materials

We designed interpretation leaflets for both Painted Hall and Chapel in multiple languages. These supported on-sight laminated panels which allowed visitors to identify the different elements of the interior design and architecture.

We also produced schools materials to support age targeted learning activities around the site and schools visits.

Conservation promotion

Conservation work was interpreted through a 'Get up close' campaign which included an exhibition to explain the work, a series of talks and accessible scaffolding tours to literally get you up close to it.

Even hoarding was used as an opportunity to engage with visitors

On site signage

Signage and site graphics helped brand the site direct visitors around the site.

Strategic plan

A striking brochure outlining the 5 year strategic plan featured fold out central section which allowed the four pillars of the strategy to be read together. Used as a tool to gain support; either influence or large scale donations, the brochure helped communicate the trust's vision for the future.

Fundraising campaigns

A number of fundraising campaigns have been created to both specifically raise funds to conserve the Painted Hall as well as maintain the whole site.

Friends membership

A sub-brand for a new friends network. Friends are offered exclusive events and discount in the shop in return for membership fees which go to support the ORNC


Branding of the retail offer on site as a distinct sub-brand. And promoting the retail offer during the Christmas season over a number of years. 


We designed a range of merchandise to suit a varying price bracket and age of customer. This has allowed us to create witty bookmarks and erasers which celebrate the size of the ORNC aimed at children, as well as more exclusive items such as flasks and money clips. 

Also for this client


Old Royal Naval College branding

Creating a distinct brand identity for the Old Royal Naval College to overcome confusion about the site and what it is.  


Old Royal Naval College digital

We have designed and built the website, the e-newsletter template, and two Facebook applications. We also established hte brand on some key social media platforms which aided both its reach and building a community.


Old Royal Naval College fundraising

Over a number of years we have developed numerous campaigns which have supported conservation works, essential maintenance and the development of it as a visitor attraction. 

Out of the ordinary

Old Royal Naval College installations

We have designed and produced a variety of 3D design items to support on-site signage, exhibitions and interactive installations.


Old Royal Naval College marketing

Over 5 years we have created a variety of marketing materials including events leaflets, advertising, exhibition materials, interpretation leaflets and much more. We have worked closely with the client to create a strong brand look and feel across all their needs.

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