Work Goldsmiths’ Centre training marketing

Supporting the core Centre activity of training with marketing materials

The Centre offers varying levels of professional training for courses aimed at 16-19 year olds to more advanced classes. 

Business Growth Programme

The Business Growth Programme is a specific course aimed at qualified jewellers and silversmiths to aid them become successful business people. The course marketing needed to reflect the combination of a creative with professional. We designed a distinct ad which was applied to the marketing of the course throughout.

Marketing leaflets for training courses

A series of leaflets to promote professional training at the Centre was created to behave as a family of literature and be clearly identified. A label graphic has been created for use top right which support the brand and allows identification at a quick glance.

Foundation course PV invites

A key element of the training offer is foundation courses for young people to train under a master. 

We have designed the private view invites to their final show since 2014. 

Setting Out marketing

Supporting graduates and young working goldsmiths with a year's course which provides space, mentoring, training in creative, technical and business skills, and a platform upon which they can launch themselves. The flyer and advertising to promote this course has been designed as part of the family of literature. 

Getting Started course exhibitions

Getting Started is a bespoke business course aimed at a select group of craftspeople who are showcased at the Centre. We have designed the marketing for the shows over a number of years.

Print advertising

A variety of print advertising has been created to support marketing literature. 

Online advertising

We have designed static and animated small ads for online advertising. 

Training manual

All materials to support course attendees has a consistent look and feel from training manuals to certificates. 

Also for this client

Out of the ordinary

Goldsmiths’ Centre promotional film

We worked closely with the client in order to establish a new film representing the three key areas of activity of the Centre – Learn your craft, Join our community, Shape our future.


Goldsmiths’ Centre membership

We created a unique look for the new creative network at the Goldsmiths' Centre to visually demonstrate the link between creativity and craftsmanship which is core to the network. 

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