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Developing a distinct website to reflect the unique business service provided

Rupert Merson commissioned us to refresh the company website to bring it up to modern standards and also to better represent their services to a global audience. Whilst redesigning the site we also redeveloped the brand – in combination this created a better visual representation of the business' unique and warm approach to working with clients. 

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Use of illustrations

Rupert Merson LLP is a business advice service headed up by the founder Rupert, a well written man whose personality is as distinct as the bow ties he prefers to wear. It was clear from the outset that the creation of a new website needed to not only better represent the services but also to visually represent the personality of the team. 

Our approach was to use illustrations to represent the service and its offerings. This allowed us to be more conceptual with the visuals and have some wit within the design. 

Contemporary design

We created a simple contemporary design with a strong grid layout so we have consistency across the pages allowing for variations of illustrations and graphics.

Simple minimal animation creates subtle movement across the page. 

A distinct typeface leads the logo and the website design reflecting the strong personalities in the business. 

Use of quotes

Rupert Merson is known within the industry for his experience and opinions on business management. He has authored several books in the field and also teaches at the London  Business School. We felt that the website would benefit from his thoughts scattered across the site in the form of a set of slideshow quotes. 

Business cards

The business cards design also features the quotes across a set of cards. High quality production values including matt laminate and spot UV creates the distinct look and feel. 

"The Fit Creative team worked with us to change and update our website and branding .We found the process to be a fun and creative experience. They brought a design professionalism to the project that we simply did not have, whilst being organised, professional and client-responsive throughout the process. They were not afraid to challenge ideas that they thought did not work either. They also kept within their cost  estimates.  

We particularly like the way the new website reflects the personalities in our business and enjoy the illustrative approach that we have settled on. This came about because Fit Creative took the time to understand our business first and to design around what makes us tick. We would not hesitate to recommend their service to others."

Joanna Merson
Rupert Merson LLP

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