Work South East Enterprise

Representing business enterprise services in the Royal Borough of Greenwich

Representing business enterprise services in the Royal Borough of Greenwich since 2009 within print, digital, advertising and merchandise. We have worked closely with the client over three brand evolutions to ensure that their materials are as up-to-date as possible to service the needs of their customers.

Redesigned and rebuilt website

We have designed and built the client website with full CMS control and responsive across all platforms.

Literature and advertising

Literature and marketing materials for all the client services including brochures, leaflets, flyers, posters and adverts.

Programme themes

We have created a number of programme themes to promote individual business service programmes.

The Growth Programme

The E-Business Programme

“It’s always a pleasure working with the team at Fit and developing a new range of marketing materials for our new company services and courses has been no exception; building seamlessly on the brand image they created for us. The icing on the cake has to be the redesign of our web site which is now fully content managed, an absolute boon for a company such as ours. The development process was made easy by Fit and the finished product is proof that they interpreted our requirements exactly. An online booking facility as well as full integration with all of the popular social media platforms has helped prepare us to move SEE to the next phase of development.”

Tony Goldstein
Managing Director
South East Enterprise

Also for this client

Digital, Marketing

SEE E-Business Programme

Establishing a clear positioning for a digitial enterprise work programme for our long-standing client South East Enterprise.


SEE Growth Programme

Creating a look and feel and marketing materials to support a business enterprise programme aimed at helping businesses grow through workshops and mentoring.


SEE School Gates Enterprise Programme

Creating a distinct set of marketing materials to promote the School Gates Enterprise programme which recognises the issues of parents starting businesses with a family.


South East Enterprise marketing

Literature and promotional materials for South East Enterprise over the many years we have worked with them.


South East Enterprise website

We redeveloped the website to allow the client to have more control with a CMS. The new design reflects a fast moving platform which for a business enterprise agency is essential. The reskinned look matches a more contemporary horizontal bars of content and visual navigation. 

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