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Literature and promotional materials for South East Enterprise

Since 2009 we have worked consistently with SEE to develop and grow their communications.

Developing all of SEE other communications was started with a clear positioning – Essential for Business and endorsed by a logo centric brand language. The triangle represents the three part nature of the services, SEE as the foundations, the client as the y-axis, and growth achieved in partnership. The triangle can then be used to form different content and messages. It provides a flexible brand whilst consistently endorsing the value of the services.

Startup business postcard features a variety of business tools within the distinct triangle shape.

USB key in business card carries an image from Greenwich, the borough in which SEE operates.

A set of leaflets promoting low-cost, high-value business services

We have worked on two evolutions of the company brochure which features strong business case studies to explain the benefits of its services.

Brand look and feel shifted

We tweaked the look and feel of the brand to be more contemporary and use a black and yellow palette.

Also for this client

Digital, Marketing

SEE E-Business Programme

Establishing a clear positioning for a digitial enterprise work programme for our long-standing client South East Enterprise.


SEE Growth Programme

Creating a look and feel and marketing materials to support a business enterprise programme aimed at helping businesses grow through workshops and mentoring.


South East Enterprise website

We redeveloped the website to allow the client to have more control with a CMS. The new design reflects a fast moving platform which for a business enterprise agency is essential. The reskinned look matches a more contemporary horizontal bars of content and visual navigation. 

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