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With three student enrolment dates per year sustained effective marketing is essential

Since 2013 we have worked with the marketing team at GSM London to produce various campaigns and marketing tools including prospectuses, door-drops, leaflets, ads and exhibition work. This work often fits together with digital tools such as e-books, pay-per-click landing pages and e-campaigns. 


We have produced all the prospectus brochures for the UK and international markets, promoting undergraduate and postgraduate courses since 2013.

See the full Undergraduate brochure

See the full Postgraduate brochure

Undergraduate mini prospectus offers a precis overview of the GSM London offer and appeals to potential students to find out more. It has a bold and bright brand language compared to the full UG prospectus which is more informative.

English language courses brochure

Promoting the supporting English language courses provided.

Travel and tourism course materials

Promoting the vocational specific travel and tourism courses available at GSM London as part of their career focused offering.

Locally targeted campaigns

'Study locally, go far' was our campaign to appeal to students who live near the Greenford campus and so want to stay living at home whilst studying to further themselves academically. Its aspirational line really captured the imagination of that particular demographic. 

Door drops, postcards, flyers supported a series of events in local shopping centres to reach the local audience. 

See the campaign booklet

Door drop campaign promoting the value of a degree to audiences local to the campuses.

Open Days

Open Days are an important part of convincing potential students that GSM London may be the right choice for them, so simple promotions for Open Days have been created including these free bookmarks which can be handed out on the street or distributed through third parties. 

E-books marketing

A number of e-campaigns have been created to target potential students. E-books have been created; this is the third in the series explaining that further education is an affordable and good investment in your future.

Advertising campaigns

Working hand-in-hand with the prospectuses, the ad campaigns reinforce the key message of achieving a degree at GSM London.

Supporting students after they graduate

A strong careers department supports students during and after graduation with services, support, insight and contacts to ensure they get onto the career or business ladder. This guide is just one of the comms materials we have produced.

Internal campaigns

Internal campaigns to support services for the students including Recommend a Friend, the Formation Zone and the Horizon Award each required a distinct look and feel for this target audience in order for them to recognise the distinct opportunities they offer. 

See the Formation Zone brochure

See the Horizon Award brochure

Industry events and marketing

Engaging with industry to offer opportunities to students and alumni within targeted sectors matching the course offering at GSM London. These include a calendar of events marketed through an Employers' guide and sector specific events promoted on site.

Also for this client


GSM London digital

Digital campaigns for GSM London including e-campaigns, e-books and pay-per-click landing pages. We provide all the design and work with the digital build team to achieve campaigns which are mappable and build on success.


GSM London Formation Zone

We designed the marketing materials for this initiative started by Plymouth University and now offered at GSM London to its students to help them set up their business. 


GSM London Recommend a Friend scheme

Creating a distinct look for the referral campaign Recommend a Friend and supporting it with literature and promotional material. 


GSM London website

We designed the GSM London website structure in order to be easier to navigate, reach all audiences on any size device, and promote the unique education offer to domestic and international audiences.

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