Work St George’s Garrison Church interpretation

Sharing the history and construction through a new interpretation sign

A permanent sign structure with interpretation panel to share the history, background and construction details of the Church with passers by. The sign is accessible even when the doors to the Church itself are locked.

Designed to reflect the proportions of the pillars at the front of the church and positioned and aligned to work with the original architecture, this bespoke sign is both durable with vandal proof paint and changeable should the graphics inside them need developing or adding to.

The design of the interpretation panel matches the design of the website and other literature keeping a consistent brand language and linking digital with onsite. The metal frame is etched with a mosaic pattern and the sentence 'Built in 1862 and now available for all to discover and enjoy'.

Handout sheet

A simple single colour sheet handout was designed to help visitors to the Church better understand the site and its history whilst walking around. With a tear off panel to sign up to the newsletter, and box to hold those forms, it means the Trust can start to engage with visitors.

Schools learning pack

In order to engage with the local community, the site will open its doors to schools visit. We have designed the learning materials for Key Stage 1, 2 and 3.

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St George’s Garrison Church website

A new responsive website to enable this conserved Church site to reach a wider audience interested in heritage and engage with locals interested in events and activities on site.

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