Work The Chitra Foundation and the Goldsmiths’ Centre

A unique exhibition of world class teapots

Working with our long-term client the Goldsmiths' Centre we were pleased to be asked to design the exhibition for this partnership with the Chitra Foundation. Featuring extraordinary teawares from 1660 to the present day and with pieces also loaned from The Pearson Silver Collection, The Goldsmiths' Company collection and a number of private collectors and contemporary makers, this was sure to be an distinct show.

Exhibition identity

We created the exhibition identity as a tailored piece of typography to visually represent the combination of ‘craft’ within the teapots –  the functional with the decorative embellishments – shown through a modern sans serif font and a flourished liguature ‘ft’.

Bespoke typography

Key to this exhibition was the creation of bespoke typography for titles which is used on the exhibition title and the section titles within the exhibition. Crafted by carefully marrying up a contemporary sans serif font calligraphic flourishes we developed distinctive titles. 

Social media marketing

Social media promotions highlighted the craftsmanship details seen on the teapots, encouraging visitors to the exhibition to see more. 

External banner

The Goldsmiths' Centre is in the heart of Clerkenwell near Hatton Garden and as such attracts audience within the jewellery and related audiences as well as other creative industries. Working as the key promotion to the exhibition is a banner outside the building. 

Interpretation panels

Contemporary designed interpretation panels supports the stunning pieces on show. Typographic crafted headlines feature the combination of flourish with modern sans serif font seen in the show title. 


A small square catalogue supports the exhibition, creating a legacy document for the show. The catalogue features stunning imagery from pieces in the show, and interviews with makers along with a brief history of the arrival of tea to Europe. It adds a vital dimension to the exhibition.

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