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Variety of exhibitions at the Centre

Over a number of years we have designed numerous exhibitions shown within the Goldsmiths' Centre. Our designs have included creating a promotional image for the exhibition to be shown on an external banner, in advertising and social media, and the interpretation design inside the exhibition to support the exhibits. Each exhibition design fits within the family of the Centre whilst having its own individual focus.

The Craft of Tea: 1660-2024

A unique collaboration between the Chitra Foundation and the Goldsmiths' Centre to bring together a stunning set of antiques and contemporary teapots, some never seen in public before. Our work for the exhibition included a catalogue, marketing materials in print and digital, and the full interpretation design. 

Spotlighting Getting Started 2023, 2024

Evolving the original Stars in the Making exhibition into this new ability to highlight students who have completed the Getting Started course at the Centre at an annual exhibition. The brand identity as well as digital design and exhibition design were created to sit within the Goldsmiths' Centre brand whilst creating its own voice. 

Drawn + Formed 2022

Unveiling a much anticipated and two-year delayed unique exhibition of contemporary jewellery, silversmithing and metal embroidery made with hand-drawn wire. Our design for the exhibition magnified the stunning miniature work to share it in all its glory. 

Getting Started: Stars in the Making 2022

A showcase exhibition of up-and-coming talent in jewellery and silversmithing. The marketing and interpretation design features the spotlight graphic we designed for the programme sub-brand Stars in the Making. The spotlight graphic was brought to life in digital animations for social platforms.

Connections 2019

An unusual combination of makers from Italy and Britain are gathered together in this unique exhibition which shows at the Goldsmiths' Centre and four Italian cities. The dual language title Connections reflects the link between the two countries, the style of the pieces and the materials being used.

Hammerclub: Renewal

We created the marketing design and interpretation design to support Hammerclub's 2019 show Renewal. The design was restrained in order to complement the silverware – with a nod to to contemporary design indicated through bright flashes of orange. A graphic pattern featuring the variety of hammers used by silversmiths was created to support the exhibition identity. 

Inscribed 2019

Celebrating all that is hand-engraved or carved, the Inscribed exhibition is a sumptuous combination of large and small exhibits. Our aim in the design of the interpretation was to showcase the craft of designing and completing text pieces. All the titles were hand-rendered and show the manual process.

Getting Started 2019 & 2020

We designed and implemented the exhibition for the Getting Started course at the Goldsmiths' Centre. 2019 was the first year the makers have featured in their own dedicated exhibition – appearing at Christmas it is a selling show. 2020 saw us refresh the marketing whilst retaining the strong exhibition identity. 

Hidden Treasures 2018

An exhibition designed to highlight the hidden skills of master craftspeople in the jewellery and goldsmiths sector who come together to complete a single piece. Each of these masters have been working in their fields for many years and are known within their circles as the go-to person for particular skills. The exhibition design brings together reportage photography of these masters along with explaining their skill and featuring their work space.

Made for The Table

The Made for The Table exhibition is a multi-platform experience from the guided tours to interpreting the exhibition, to tasting a unique afternoon tea inspired by the exhibition. We provided the design support and materials for the various activities around it.

Shine 2016 and 2017

Over a number of years we have designed and installed the exhibition interpretation, promotion and catalogue for the Shine exhibition at the Goldsmiths' Centre. The design highlights the pieces with minimal and sympathetic graphics and typography on a black background. 

Fair Luxury 2017

A stunning exhibition featuring fairly and ethically sourced materials to produce stunning pieces of jewellery and craft. We designed the complete exhibition marketing and interpretation panels.

The Next Generation 2017

We designed the look and feel for this new series of exhibitions hosted at the Goldsmiths' Centre and funded by the Goldsmiths' Company. The exhibition highlights 5 partnerships between masters and craftsperson as they learn new skills and work processes. This is the first year of the special fund fostered by the Goldsmiths' Company

Art in the Hand 2017

We designed and produced the marketing in the forms of print advertising and external banner for this exhibition as well as the interpretation supporting the exhibition itself. Leading the visual was a distinct medal design by Parviz Tanavoli and exemplified the title of the exhibition – art in the hand.

Clerkenwell Design Week 2017

Participating in Clerkenwell Design Week 2017, the Goldsmiths' Centre have collaborated with various design businesses to host a studio of serendipity - happy accidents leading to innovative results. We have designed the interpretation materials to support the installation in the entrance way and the participants in the studio. In addition we designed the advertising and external banner promoting the event.


Promoting a series of talks at the Goldsmiths' Centre as part of the London Design Festival 2016. Stretching the brand by using the secondary font family and a more radical image and layout to promote this series of talks. Rollout included print advertising, on-site vinyl and banner, promotional flyer and digital banners. 

Pamela Rawnsley 2016

Supporting a pre-designed exhibition, we designed the banner and marketing materials for this exhibition featuring a key piece being exhibited. 

A Sense of Jewellery 2015

Supporting a pre-designed exhibition, our first project with the Goldsmiths' Centre was to design the private view invite. 

On-going promotions

Upcoming exhibitions are promoted at each exhibition showing. 

Our work has also helped shape a set of guidelines around exhibitions designed for the Centre from other agencies. The guidelines ensure the technical needs of the space are met and advises on typography, colour and imagery. 

Also for this client

Out of the ordinary

Goldsmiths’ Centre signage

Branding the building clearly from the outside and creating clear directional infographics around the site.

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