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Creating a contemporary online platform to match the charity's leading status

UCLH Charity is a well established hospital charity with a large amount generated each year in donations, grants and investments. Despite it's long history the website was letting them down in terms of functionality and accessibility. We worked with the client to create a new structure, new imagery and edit copy to be succinct and dynamic – all to create an improved visitor experience. Alongside the look, an improved backend functionality and integrated donations and fundraising facility meant the charity can maximise opportunities online to engage with its audiences, making all these processes smoother and easier.

"The Fit Creative team took the time to understand our charity and how it works and this is reflected  by the website  - both in terms of functionality and design. We are very happy with the work which is encouraging more visits and donations."

Catherine Bates
Communications Officer
UCLH Charity

A more engaging homepage

The new homepage design allows the Charity to explain what they fundraise for and pronounce news and social media messaging.

Fully responsive site working on all platforms

A clean and modern layout style adapts to different width of device whilst providing the best experience for a visitor. 

Cleaner navigation

A streamlined navigation helps explain what the Charity does, encourages support of the funds and engages with people to get involved.

Key landing pages

Defined landing pages for the major sections of the website create a smoother experience for users. 

Clear case studies proving the impact of the Charity

Strong case studies with striking new imagery proves the impact that the Charity has had on patients and stall at UCL Hospitals.

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UCLH Charity marketing materials

Following our work to redesign and rebuild the Charity website, we are well placed to be able to support them with a new core leaflet and support their Christmas 2017 gifts with festive cards. Our understanding of what they achieve through the process of the website meant we have a unique position to be able to create on-brand materials well and easily. 

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