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Fundraising campaign for Stephens House & Gardens 100th year

As Stephens House & Gardens celebrates 100 years of the legacy to Finchley, it seemed a good time to raise funds for its future and ensure that it continues to be a haven in North London. We created a campaign graphic to celebrate and promote the anniversary. 

The campaign graphic will be used throughout the year to reinforce the message across all the House's other activities. 


The core fundraising activities are explained in a simple bright animation. 

Many variations of call to actions were created in order to engage with people in the way they want to support the campaign. 

The handwritten element of campaign emphasises the collective nature of both being part of the fundraising and part of the community that enjoys the gardens. 

Name your brick

Leaflet promotes and explains the limited edition opportunity to sponsor a brick within the centenary wall in the gardens. 

Campaign online

A new section of the website was built to accommodate the content and donation options. 

Be part of 100 in 100

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Out of the ordinary

Stephens House & Gardens fundraising

Simple railing signage which calls to attention the need to support the gardens financially. 


Stephens House & Gardens promotions

Creating the marketing materials with a distinct 'Inky' language.


Stephens House & Gardens website

Following a rename and rebrand of the House we created an online home of 'Inky' Stephens to reach a wider audience with a fully responsive website.

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