Work Old Royal Naval College fundraising

Helping the ORNC to raise funds for maintenance and development of the site

Over a number of years we have developed numerous campaigns which have supported conservation works, essential maintenance and the development of it as a visitor attraction.

50p please

The on-going maintenance works aren’t always glamorous but by donating 50p when you enjoy your visit, the trust can continue to keep it free to visit. Our gentle campaign approach to ask for '50p please' often brought a smile to visitors and created a direct increase in donations.

The campaign was rolled out on site in posters and donations boxes, online and through e-campaigns. By explaining the enormity of the site in terms of its history and the effort it takes to keep it maintained the request for 50 pence donation seems little to ask for.

In support of the 50p campaign younger visitors could go around the site and gather three stamps for the three different attractions on a commemorative postcard, again for a donation of 50p. 

Even visitors using the toilets were also encouraged to donate!

The great and the good

By recognising the great names in history that are associated with the site, a campaign of inclusion was created to engage with people to support the trust, and this was promoted on posters and banners and even recognised on the shop carrier bag. 

The public were encouraged to support in any way from donating to volunteering.

The Painted Hall needs a facelift

The Painted Hall needs conservation and a programme of works started with the West Wall. A fundraising campaign was created to engage with the public focusing on the many faces within the West Wall and being playful with the concept of a facelift. 

Adopt a face

In support of fundraising for the Painted Hall West Wall conservation, an initiative to adopt a face from the many in the painting of the West Wall was executed through badges to be bought and a Facebook app where visitors could vote for their favourite face. This has been so popular that they are still selling consistently since 2012.

Get up close

A series of events to support conservation work at the Painted Hall allowing visitors to get up close to the works and therefore support them through a donation. The campaign featured a detail from the Painted Hall showing the eyes of Sir James Thornhill, the original painter of the hall.

Throught talks, scaffolding tours and an interpretation exhibition visitors could learn and appreciate more of the history and relevance of the Painted Hall and the conservation work being undertaken. 

Doubling your donations

A graphic was created to promote the Catalyst Fund which allows the trust to double each person's donation using the distinct twin domes of the site and applied on all appeals for donations for the period of the Fund. 

We designed and produced this leaflet to be distributed out across the site and wider to encourage donations to the Catalyst Fund to help maintain the site. 

Be part of the Big Picture

As part of a wider conservation of the whole of the Painted Hall, a campaign was created to encouring the public to be part of it. We created the tagline 'Be part of the Big Picture' and the look and feel of the campaign throughout all applications from posters to t-shirts and merchandise.

Visitors could sponsor a section of the four walls and ceiling of paint work, find out more about the work through an interpretation exhibition, donate and take part in unique activities such as a giant paint by numbers and more.  

Also for this client


Old Royal Naval College branding

Creating a distinct brand identity for the Old Royal Naval College to overcome confusion about the site and what it is.  


Old Royal Naval College digital

We have designed and built the website, the e-newsletter template, and two Facebook applications. We also established hte brand on some key social media platforms which aided both its reach and building a community.

Out of the ordinary

Old Royal Naval College installations

We have designed and produced a variety of 3D design items to support on-site signage, exhibitions and interactive installations.


Old Royal Naval College marketing

Over 5 years we have created a variety of marketing materials including events leaflets, advertising, exhibition materials, interpretation leaflets and much more. We have worked closely with the client to create a strong brand look and feel across all their needs.

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