Work Autistica marketing & reporting materials

Raising the Autistica profile and reporting on key findings

As a small charity, Autistica have the challenge of raising profile and communicating information within a restricted budget. We have supported Autistica with reporting and advertising design and production. As we work on each piece we strive to develop their brand and profile. 


A set of ads aimed at raising profile within the community. We worked with genuine images from their community to ensure authenticity. 

Autism & Epilepsy report

A report to demonstrate research and findings following a large workshop and aimed at researchers and peers. 

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A supporting flyer was created for distribution as a quick summary of the findings. 

Autism research funding landscape report

A report designed to highlights the needs going forward and to encourage funders and researchers to focus on specific areas and demographics. 

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Designed as a landscape document, it is also distributed digitally which reads better in this orientation.

Impact Plan

The first Impact Plan created for the charity to outline how it will be measuring its impact going forward. The Plan establishes the charity's history and clearly explains its activities. 

The oversized square format was designed to make a bold statement. 

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Also for this client


Autistica Impact Plan

Creating and producing an Impact Plan for Autistica to outline how they will be reporting in future. 

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