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Refreshing a 150-year old London market brand to leverage on its history

Over the last 6 years we have worked closely with the team at Greenwich Hospital to help them promote Greenwich Market. This historic 150 year old market needed some love and attention and from the outset we wanted to highlight its quirky but crafty offering. 

Building market loyalty

When Greenwich Hospital Estate regained direct management of Greenwich Market, they identified that there was a need to promote it as a retail destination of choice and establish more clearly the unique arts and crafts offering to local, regional and national audiences. 

We worked quickly to create a distinct campaign mark – I Love Greenwich Market – and launch it in time for Valentine’s Day.

The brand was developed to have a set of ten different coloured marks and over 30 different icons to represent the different types of products and events in the Market. Solid guidelines around the mark and icon lockup usage ensured that this flexible brand was not abused and that recognition from the public was achieved whilst still keeping the offer fresh.

The brand language and image library have been built up in a short period of time in order to capitalize on the regular events held in the market and promote these through quality door drops in the local area. Supporting advertising in regional and national press is helping raise the profile of the market. 

Clever use of materials, budget and time has meant that a very cost effective brand has been implemented and is proving its worth in the positive feedback from public and tenants alike as Greenwich Market moves into a more distinct position amongst London’s other market places. 

25 year anniversary of arts and craft

In addition a bespoke brand extension was created to mark the 25th anniversary of the arts and crafts market. The event was branded uniquely in silver and celebrated at an all day event and with a commemorative book.  

Large format advertising

Having identified that the market was offering products from individual craftsmen and entrepreneurs, the thinking was developed into a consumer positioning – ‘for something different’. A distinct ATL ad campaign showing in the DLR station was developed. A collector’s case of items bought at the market was the ideal vehicle to promote the arts & crafts nature of the market, whilst allowing fun to be had with the products.

“We were pleased to have had our products included in the photographs which makes us feel like participants rather than having the campaign imposed on us. The cheerful and light-hearted approach hit the right note for a shopping destination which is a fun experience.”

Maria Livings
Lush Designs

Print advertising

Throughout our work with Greenwich Market the focus of the advertising has always been the products that can be bought as a way of showcasing the unique arts and craft designers. Whilst we have run many ad series the products have always featured front and centre. 

Commercial promotions

Key to a successful retail destination is getting the right mix of retailers in. In order to aid the lettings agents promote the Market to the right kinds of audience, the B2B campaign was developed – ‘The destination to be different’, to be clearly linked to the B2C campaign. Another kind of collection was created through the vehicle of a picture gallery, to represent the mix of benefits the Market has to a potential tenant.

The campaign was rolled out in advertising, on empty unit vinyls and in a pocket brochure.

“I was particularly impressed by Fit’s confidence to consider the brief, provide the appropriate strategy but also to present their alternative approach. We went with the alternative approach! It is a pleasure working with Fit.”

Keith Wilson
Wilson McHardy


Having run the I Love Greenwich Market campaign for 4 years it was time to refresh the Market brand and leverage it's long history and standing in amongst London's markets. The new mark is a more classic look whilst retaining the unique quirkyness of the site.  

New marketing literature continues in the brand language with the new brand mark, bold colours and products again at the heart of the promotion. 

A new responsive website

"Following a rebranding process for Greenwich Market which highlighted its heritage, Fit Creative then worked with us to improve and develop our online presence. Our new responsive site, the first for a market in London, celebrates the shopping experience we have to offer as well as our long and rich history. The navigation makes moving around the site very easy and has been very well received by visitors and tenants alike. The site has a contemporary feel so important in the retail sector, whilst retaining a personality fitting to our much cherished market. The process was well managed and the end product is a great success. The team at Fit are always on hand to help with our marketing needs."

Gillie Bexson MRICS
Property Portfolio Manager
Greenwich Hospital

Durnford Street redevelopment

An 18 month refurbishment of the Market which has included a new glass roof and cobbled flooring also created four new retailer units in Durnford Street. We created a sub-brand to promote this opportunity to new tenants and designed brochures and window vinyls. 

Also for this client


Greenwich Market commercial property

Attracting the right mix of retailers and ensuring the retail offer is fresh and relevant is key to keeping Greenwich Market, both market and surrounding shops a dynamic shopping experience. We worked with the client to present properties to let. 


Greenwich Market promotions

Through a whole variety of marketing materials means we have been able to establish a strong brand language across door drops, flyers, bookmarks, calling cards, carrier bags, postcards, banners and so much more.


Greenwich Market website

We developed a suitable online platform for a leading London market which was responsive and represented the Market well with illustration and open layout. 


Greenwich Market advertising

Servicing Greenwich Market with large format advertising and small ad placements across London.

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