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Regular digital campaigns for GSM London

Digital campaigns for GSM London including e-campaigns, e-books and pay-per-click landing pages. We provide all the design and work with the digital build team to achieve campaigns which are mappable and build on success.

e-books campaign

The third in a set of e-books aimed a outlining to potential new students that study is affordable and a degree is achievable. GSM London works towards all levels of students being able to achieve a degree and be successful at work or business. 

Animated banner ads

Designed for both desktop and mobile platforms we have produced a variety of animated banner ads for domestic and international audiences, sizes include mobile, skyscraper, leaderboards and more. 

Course promotions

A campaign of course specific promotions run via Facebook engaged with students interested in particular areas and used Facebook's own analytics to reach them more easily. A blog style landing page was created which could condense the key messages into a more digestable format and was mobile friendly. 

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GSM London marketing

Since 2013 we have worked with the marketing team at GSM London to produce various campaigns and marketing tools including prospectuses, door-drops, leaflets, ads and exhibition work. This work often fits together with digital tools such as e-books, pay-per-click landing pages and e-campaigns.


GSM London website

We designed the GSM London website structure in order to be easier to navigate, reach all audiences on any size device, and promote the unique education offer to domestic and international audiences.

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