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Refreshing the website to meet standards required of modern websites

We designed the GSM London website structure in order to be easier to navigate, reach all audiences on any size device with a great experience, and promote the unique education offer to domestic and international audiences.

We worked with the appointed web builders to ensure a smooth process and that the client's offer was clearly promoted. Our role as designers and liaison meant the client achieved a great design and great functionality. This team setup has continued into further developments of the homepage, e-books, e-campaigns and pay-per-click landing pages working hand-in-hand with ad campaigns to ensure the best return on investment.


The homepage features a direct link to find a course, apply for a course, download the brochure, and a changing carousel of slides where specific sales messages can be promoted such as UCAS Clearing, and the ability to promote a changing set of offers, eg Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Meet us, etc. This flexible structure meant the client could easily change the order and priority and key messages featured. 

We understood that the target audiences is mostly browsing through mobile devices and so the design had to appear well and read well on smaller screen widths. 

A style of carousel slides has been set and we provided many of the designs and imagery. 

Course section pages

Each section carries its own colour palette in order to clearly differentiate across the website. Again an editable structure allows the client to change the order of information and raise sales messages up. 

Course detail pages

The course detail page allows the reader to dig deeper and get more information as they wish through the use of accordian navigation of information. Key information such as dates, study options, locations and overview is seen at the top of the page. 

Links to other areas such as similar courses, funding, accommodation and campuses can be added to pages through a clear understanding of visitor needs as they search through the site. 

Student testimonials

Testimonials from students provide a genuine endorsement of the quality of education at GSM London. 

Promo page for Executive Programmes

Distinct secondary landing pages were created for e-campaign promotions to link through to and capture figures of interest and take-up. 

Homepage development

In 2016 we worked with the client again to further develop the look and feel of the homepage to create strong striking full width images and simply the overall layout. Whilst the bold colours have been retained the structure has been tweaked in line with analytics data. 

Also for this client


GSM London digital

Digital campaigns for GSM London including e-campaigns, e-books and pay-per-click landing pages. We provide all the design and work with the digital build team to achieve campaigns which are mappable and build on success.


GSM London marketing

Since 2013 we have worked with the marketing team at GSM London to produce various campaigns and marketing tools including prospectuses, door-drops, leaflets, ads and exhibition work. This work often fits together with digital tools such as e-books, pay-per-click landing pages and e-campaigns.


GSM London Recommend a Friend scheme

Creating a distinct look for the referral campaign Recommend a Friend and supporting it with literature and promotional material. 


GSM London Formation Zone

We designed the marketing materials for this initiative started by Plymouth University and now offered at GSM London to its students to help them set up their business. 

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