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Developing an attention-grabbing brand and website in the financial tech market

instiHub is a ground-breaking and model-breaking financial technology business with a number of unique data and analytics products. The client recognised that their public profile did not match the radical product offering and required a complete refresh of brand and website. We were delighted to be contracted to support them in the redevelopment.

Brand development

We worked closely with the client to create a striking brand identity which includes a film of paint recorded in slow motion as it flies through the air. The unusual analogy to their business of tracking, in real-time, financial data and the ability to analyse this data through bespoke tools, positions instiHub apart from the usual fin-tech business. 

We consolidated the look and feel of the brand from the logo and its shorthand version for social media, to the graphics, colours, imagery and typography used throughout. 

Product brand family

Products were given their own logos as part of an endorsed brand family system. 

Website refresh

The website was redesigned and rewritten to highlight the key reasons to choose instiHub and encourage first contact from new clients.

Communication tools

Key communications tools including email signature, stationery, product specification documents and Powerpoint template were stylised to create a consistent brand look and feel. 

The Powerpoint template is a key communication tool for the sales team in meetings with new potential clients. As such it needs to reflect the refreshed look of the website and clean presentation style of data. 

“Fit managed to capture our wish to appear bolder and more transparent in our communications. The new look brand and website is a much more exciting and enticing representation matching the fluidity of the ever changing data at the heart of our services. And further, Fit helped to unify our brand into a simple but stylish solution set.”

Andreas Pfunder
Founder and Managing Director 

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