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Creating a new business venture to support women

We supported the client by establishing the name, designing the brand, and creating striking images to engage with customers on the options available for flowers and producing all the marketing materials.

All of our time was provided for free. 

“Fit Creative worked with us right at the start of our journey, helping us develop a name, a brand identity and some beautiful publicity materials including pop out business cards and brochures. They went far over and above what we originally asked them to do and our brand is now much more professional and design focussed than it would have been without them. 

Kara and Jonathan were fantastic to work with, really inventive and creative, coming up with some amazing ideas and executing them with a passionate degree of perfectionism! But they were also incredibly patient with us as a small new business, taking the time to understand our needs, helping us prioritise what we really needed, and working tirelessly to find innovative and practical solutions that would work within our budget.”

Rosie Oglesby
Page & Bloom

Name and logo

Following a naming workshop to understand what format of name was prefered, we created the Page & Bloom name. 

A simple but confident logo was created to endorse images of the product. 

We supported the client to register their domain and set themselves up.

Creating striking styles

In order to demonstrate the flexibility and creativity within paper flowers we established 4 different personality types; flamboyant, sculptural, storytelling and vintage. Visions of these styles were created in lifestyle photography which features on the website and within the promotional brochure. 

3D business cards

The format of the busines card was given a 3D twist with flowers that emerge from within them. The paper is the same material which may be used to make a flower or bouquet linking to the raw material.

A range of four colourways have been created for the business card to add variety and boldness to this simple tool of communication.

Promotional brochure

The brochure features the new lifestyle imagery and has pages made from the kinds of stocks which could be used to make a bespoke bouquet, eg old maps, sheet music, comic books as well as fictional novels. The non-standard pages make it a striking brochure to receive and reference material samples. 

Story of the brand

With each and every commissioned flower(s) the story of the brand is told through a postcard inserted in the packaging so that the client has the 'feel good' appreciation knowing they are supporting a good cause. 

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