Work Bench café branding

Creating a cafe brand more in keeping with its location

The Goldsmiths' Centre is a relatively new centre for craftsmanship in the heart of Clerkenwell with a cafe open to the public as part of the facilities. Despite a great location and a large potential market the cafe had struggled to establish itself within the community and therefore not achieved the figures expected. 

Gather & Gather successful won the contract to take over the cafe and help establish a unique eating space which would appeal to the young urbanite audiences in the area. The Goldsmiths' Centre asked us to work with Gather & Gather to create a distinct destination and revamp the space and the food offer. We created the brand, wall and window vinyls, stationery, bags, coffee cups, loyalty cards, menus, and online look and feel – all touch points which support the environment.

It was a pleasure to team up with creative and marketing team at Gather & Gather, bringing their retail experience and knowledge to the mix. Since the relaunch of the cafe figures have consistently risen and now attracts the creative and selective local audience. 

We quickly identified that whilst the cafe name Bench is also the name of the desk that a jeweller or silversmith works at, it also needed to relate to the cafe and bring some craftsmanship back to the food offer. 

We noted that the arch in the ceiling of the cafe was visually similar to the curved jeweller's desk and incorporated it into the word mark. Teamed up with a strapline 'coffee, kitchen, craft' it simply explained the offer and appealed more directly to the target audiences. 

A craft approach was applied to the way the branding was put on takeaway bags and coffee cups. 

The Bench icon was used to create a retro feel pattern applied with care on to marketing materials. Feedback cards explained the history of the jeweller's bench – remaining the same shape for over 200 years. 

Wall vinyls also referenced the craftsman's mark in a visual language. These little touches are found in unexpected places and create fresh engagements with the brand when discovered.

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